Frequently Asked  Questions about Chabad


Q: Do you have to be Orthodox to participate in programs offered by Chabad?   

A: Chabad is inclusive and non-judgmental, and our programs are open to all Jews of all backgrounds and affiliation. In fact, the majority of people who participate in programs at Chabad are not Orthodox. The teachings of Chabad are imbued with the renowned Chassidic spirit and joy, but in no way must you be religious to participate at Chabad functions.


Q: Is the goal of Chabad to make me Orthodox?   

A: Chabad is not out to make one Orthodox. Chabad is an educational organization dedicated to helping every Jew, regardless of background, affiliation, or personal level of observance. Chabad invites you to explore your Judaism in an open-minded and non-judgmental atmosphere. All of Chabad's classes, programs, and services are designed to inspire and bring insight into one's heritage and traditions. You are invited to participate and study any area of jewish law or ritual you choose, and make your own religious lifestyle decisions at your own pace. We strongly believe that each mitzvah stands on its own value.


Q: Does Chabad consider Reform, Conservative, or non-practicing Jews as "real" Jews? 

A: Chabad never labels other Jews, since it tends to divide and create barriers between us.  Our motto is that "labels are for shirts, not people."  Jewish Law considers anyone born of a Jewish mother or converted in accordance with Halacha to be a Jew, regardless of his or her degree of observance. The Lubavitcher Rebbe delivered a stinging rebuke to Orthodox elements in the USA and Israel for publicly belittling non-Orthodox Jews.


Q: Is Chabad of West Boynton financed by its headquarters in New York?   

A: It is Chabad policy that each center is entirely supported by the community it serves. All funding for local Chabad programs is solicited entirely from our local community. All funds donated remain right here in our community - no money is sent to international Chabad headquarters in New York.


Q: Do women occupy a secondary position in Chabad philosophy?   

A: Different, yes. Secondary? No! The high standing of Jewish women in Chabad is central to the survival of Judaism. Anyone who has met a Chabad Rebbetzin knows how integral they are to our success. The Jewish mother is the cornerstone of Jewish family life, and we offer many classes and programs just for ladies looking to attain a profound and meaningful spirituality, with fresh perspectives on self-understanding, growth and Torah knowledge. 


Q: Does Chabad support Israel?   

A: Chabad is deeply involved in defending Israel and its right to exist, throughout all its boundaries. Many Chabadniks serve in the IDF and others contribute practical and spiritual support to the troops. Chabad has over 200 centers in Israel, as well as dozens of educational facilities around the country. Lubavitch trained Rabbis often complete their training is Israeli Yeshivot.


If you still have any questions or concerns, please call Rabbi Raichik at 561-740-8738.


Feel free to stop in for a class, Holiday program, or a Shabbat service, and feel the Chabad spirit all for yourself.